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Official venue for the Thai national youth cricket games June 2012
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About Alan Cooke MBE:

Our Man In Phuket by Alan R. Cooke MBE

Alan published is memoirs in February 2016:

In the mid-fifties the author set out to find work and a life overseas as a construction diver. Determined to get away from the austerity of post war Britain, he spent the second half of the last century pursuing a challenging underwater and marine construction career. After leaving school just short of his fifteenth birthday, then by way of his father’s timber yard in North West London, an office boy, and the Royal Engineers emerging after three years as a trained Royal Naval Diver. The following tale tells of the fortunes, and vagaries of this much traveled man. On retirement to Phuket, where he had worked previously, and as a modestly successful businessman, he was appointed British Honorary Consul covering the island’s murder, mayhem and sorry tales of Brits abroad, the Andaman Tsunami, and Flight 269 plane crash.

Available in a limited deluxe hardback edition (198 printed pages) from Island Furniture.

Phuket Gazette: Whose Who in Phuket 18 July 2009 by Bruce Stanley

Alan R Cooke MBE has made so many contributions to Phuket that it’s difficult to know which to mention first. Perhaps he is best known for his outstanding service as the British Honorary Consul during the 2004 tsunami when he coordinated relief efforts for which he was later honored by Her Majesty the Queen.

His intention when he moved to Phuket in 1994 was to retire from “real life” and relax with a slow and easy lifestyle. But in the past fifteen years, he has built Island Furniture, Phuket’s top choice for quality furnishings, and The Courtyard, a 31 unit office shopping center. He co-founded the British Business Association, well known for its many charitable fundraising events, and was retained as a technical adviser to the Royal Phuket Marina. He was also founding president of the Marine Alliance of Thailand which successfully worked with the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sport to reduce the import duties on boats from 47 per cent to zero, thereby breathing life into Phuket’s then fledgling marine services and recreational yachting industries.

And now Alan is working to establish a cricket ground on the island by donating ten rai of land that the sport can call home. It wouldn’t have seemed that the young Alan Cooke would have such an enterprising life. He grew up in war-torn London.

“My education was frequently interrupted by the war. I recall as a small child the blitz and V2 bombs hitting London. Many people had to sleep in the Underground. Even after the war, life was difficult. We had rationing up till 1954.”

Alan left school at 15 and joined the Royal Engineers two years later to work on his education. He was adventurous and volunteered for everything. This led him to qualify in 1954 as a RN diver, one of only six in the British Army. He also joined the Airborne Forces and served (by battling up the beaches) in the Suez Crisis in 1956.

On discharge from the Army, Alan began his long and interesting career as an underwater construction diver and manager of international marine construction projects.

Since1965 he has only worked in his native UK for six months (as a technical adviser to the Channel Tunnel marine works, and was working aboard for three years before that.

Alan has worked on marine projects in Libya, Ghana, Cyprus, the Seychelles, Indonesia, the Bahamas and Dubai. He was working in Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion in 1989 and made his escape, on the second attempt, across the desert to Saudi Arabia. He first came to Phuket for the construction of the Deep Water Port in 1986.

“I was comfortable with Phuket when I first arrived here, but there wasn’t a lot for an expat to do, so I founded the Phuket Hash House Harriers, a running group with an international membership”
Now expanded to six different types of hash (who recently celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary).

Alan, an experienced hasher, the Grandmaster, using his previously given Hash name “Dubai”, started with 30 bemused members in 1986, and today up to 150 hashers run trails around the island every week.

In April, 2001, Alan was invited to represent the British Embassy on Phuket, a post he held until retirement last year. In addition to his valuable work in that role during the post-tsunami period, he was quick to arrive at the scene of the 1-2-Go crash at Phuket International Airport where he worked to identify bodies, assisting the authorities and the families of victims.

As a keen cricketer, Alan is now working hard to develop a cricket ground to leave as his legacy to Phuket. Time will tell if this can be brought to fruition. That said, with his record of successful projects one would not be terribly surprised if the ‘Alan Cooke Ground’ were to soon to become available. - Bruce Stanley

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